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Who is Motley Muse?

          Motley Muse is a mother daughter team that specializes in paintings. Mom, Yvette, was professionally trained at Northern Arizona University. Daughter, Isabel, is 14 years old. They have traveled the world extensively and immersed themselves in all kinds of art forms taking inspiration from everywhere. What started as a mommy and me project blossomed into a business. It’s objective is that mom is teaching daughter how to create art, and own and operate a business. They each do 50% of the work and share 50% of the profit. Last spring they raised enough money to travel all over Mexico for three months during Isabels’ summer vacation. This winter they hope to raise enough money so that Isabel can attend a student exchange program next summer in Mexico. Yvette is quoted as saying, “I work hard to develop art that speaks both to me and to others about the beauty that exist.”


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