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Perspective By Yvette Staufert
Perspective By Yvette Staufert

Perspective By Yvette Staufert

Great For Beginners And Advanced Painters

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This book is loaded with knowledge that you'll need to know about the science of perspective and how it corresponds to painting. It's straight to the point and has lots of pictures illustrating ideas of perspective. Why pay thousands of dollars to go to the university and study for four years when you can pay $5 here save time and get the cliff notes of what they will teach you at the college. This book will expand your mind and make it easier for you to understand the many art terms that are used in painting classes and how to better apply those ideas into your own art. A fun, entertaining, and easy read at the 9th grade reading level. It takes the average person a half hour to read.

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(It's a Google Document in .pdf form and 1.83 MB.This book is written in English.)

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