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Art Science Challenge (34 Projects)

Skill Improvement

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Looking for a way to break out of an artistic rut and explore your creativity to the fullest? Try this short-term art challenge and level up. Do the challenges you want at your own pace and in any order. Share your creative journey with the group in our social media platform on this website Confetti or keep it private. You're in control.

Each challenge takes around 20 minutes to complete. There is a 10 minute read with corresponding pictures on each topic followed by a challenge so that you can practice each skill.

This is an ongoing add free class and new challenges are constantly being added.

Here is a list of current challenges.

1. Color Theory For Painting

2. 29 Art Movements And Styles

3. Portrait Painting From Photographs: A Step-By-Step Painting Tutorial

4. Mixing Paint For Skin Tones

5. Landscape Painting: A Step-By-Step Painting Tutorial

6. How To Decide What Paint To Use

7. Watercolor Painting

8. Oil Painting

9. Paint Additives That Will Change How Acrylic Paint Behaves

10. 27 Different Surfaces For Acrilic Paint

11. How To Paint On Denim: 2 Video Classes with Step-By-Step Instructions

12. Painting On Plastic

13. Choosing The Right Canvas

14. How To Choose The Right Paint Brush

15. How To Properly Clean Brushes

16. Types Of Easels

17. Video Painting Classes With Step-By-Step Instructions (Classes that are not on my free YouTube channel)

18. Using The Rule Of Thirds In Design

19. Taking The Best Reference Photos

20. Different Methods On How To Transfer A Reference Photo Onto A Painting Surface

21. 20 Sketching Tips

22. Step-By-Step One A Day Sketching challenge

23. Principles Of Composition

24. Elements Of Design

25. Perspective

26. Painting Realistic Shadows

27. How To Paint A Moon

28.  Scumbling

29. Photographing Paintings

30. Protecting Paintings

31. Art Studio Organization

32. Motley Muse Podcast About Art

33.  Inspirational And Uplifting Music To Listen To When Creating Art

34. The Pros And Cons Of Art School

35. How To Sell Art In Galleries


This course is loaded with knowledge that you'll need to know about art science and how it corresponds to painting. It's straight to the point and has lots of pictures illustrating the topics. Why pay thousands of dollars to go to the university and study for four years when you can pay $48 here save money and time and get the cliff notes of what they will teach you at the college. This project will expand your mind and make it easier for you to understand the many art terms that are used in painting and how to better apply those ideas into your own art. A fun, entertaining, and easy read at the 9th grade reading level. It takes the average person 20 minutes to 1 hour to read and finishe each assignment.

Immediately after your purchase I will open the website and give you full access to all of the challenges. This access will never expire and you can come back at any time and as many times as you would like. No need to wait a month for everything to arrive in the mail. I will also send you an email with the link so you may access it later. Please make sure that you give me your correct email.

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