मुफ़्त शिपिंग


Clothing that is designed and made by Motley Muse.

The art and fashion worlds collide in a fun new unique and skillfully bold hand painted capsule collection from Motley Muse.

Slow made, hand touched, one of a kind fashion has had a boom during the last few years. She is putting her own spin on thoughtful designs using denim painted with natural dyes. She formed this brand on the basis of turning old styles into new expressions of love. The Altoona Pennsylvania based artist is known for elevating denim styles to include here unique hand painted designs.

Yvette customized her first pair of jeans in 2019 and was inundated with interest while wearing them around Manhattan. Posting her first pair for sale on Instagram in 2020, her hand painted, overlapping flowers and playful positive affirmations took off during quarantine, piquing the interest of Bella Hadid. Yvette unintentionally launched a thriving clothing label, and now spends 12 to 16 hours painting a day to keep up with the high demand — a pair sells on Instagram in under three minutes and she offers custom orders on her website.

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