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Bird Smock
Bird Smock
Bird Smock
Bird Smock
Bird Smock
Bird Smock
Bird Smock

Bird Smock

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नियमित रूप से मूल्य $25.00 बिक्री

This smock is what we love to paint in.
Because it is lightweight, super stretchy, and moisture wicking with two side back knits for comfortable movement. Complete with two front pockets and a white medal and plastic zipper closure.
You'll look cute in this outfit while creating masterpieces. And have the added benefit of not destroying your clothes.
Tapered Fit and 4 Way Stretch
93% polyester
7% spandex
All New Condition
Brought to life in a smoke free animal free place. In other words it's not stinky.
Soft and Super Comfortable
A. 27 1/2  Inches, 70 Centimetres
B. 44 Inches, 112 Centimetres
C. 7 1/2 Inches, 19 Centimetres
D. 7 Inches, 18 Centimetres
E. 8 Inches, 20 Centimetres
F. 8 Inches, 20 Centimetres
 Both Pockets 8 Inches, 20 Centimetres × 7 Inches, 18 Centimetres

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